MBV Hindi Program - Satyam Class
Manhattan Bala Vihar - Hindi Program

Date: Sep 10, 2022 - Jun 10, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM EST

Weekday: Saturday

$100.00 per student


Welcome to the MBV Hindi Program AY2022-23! We look forward to another exciting, fun-filled year with you and your children. The goals of the Hindi Program are:

  1. To foster enthusiasm for Indian culture through Hindi
  2. To give children the confidence and ability to speak Hindi actively, especially at home, with grandparents or other relatives, and on the streets of India
  3. To help children explore Indian culture on their own, such as by watching popular movies and tv shows, or by singing and understanding bhajans

The curriculum will focus on conversational ability and foundational literacy, and feature hands-on games and activities. Short "home-fun" assignments may also be given to help children and families keep the learning going at home. आओ, साथ में हिन्दी सीखो! 

Additional Information:

  1. All classes are expected to take place in person for AY2022-23, unless there is an unforeseen change in circumstances. 
  2. If you have more than one child, please register each child for their appropriate class. Use "Add More" button in cart to add classes for each child. 


Families who are new to the Hindi program should enroll in the Satyam class. Only students who, as of Sept 2022, are at least 5 years old and/or have started KG would be eligible for Hindi. 

Families who were part of the Bala Vihar program last year should re-enroll each child for the same class that child was previously in. Please note that class enrollments are only temporary, and permanent classes will be assigned after the second week of classes, based on proficiency level. 

Parents can send an email to mbvhindi@gmail.com in case of any questions.